Our team of  ballroom dance instructors are currently performing and competing at events in Chicago and traveling the USA. The staff here at Chicago City Ballroom continue to train on a weekly basis with Blackpool World Champion Tommye Giacchino. You can find out more about our latest events on Ballroom Dance Instructor blog page.

Jessica Mays

At 2 years old her mother sat her in front of the TV to watch the Olympic trials. It just so happened that gymnastics was the event being shown on the TV. Jessica didn’t make a peep for hours. Mom signed Jessica up for gymnastics, tap, ballet, and baton as soon as the dance schools would take her. Like many younger sisters, Jessica was more interested in what her older brother was doing so she moved on and explored other sports. Jessica attended college with a 4 year athletic scholarship to a Division 1 college and won a conference championship during her first year. Jessica went on to play semi professionally and then decided to retire. Jessica’s passion for gymnastics and dance resurfaced a little later in life and she began to train to be a professional instructor. She participated in an accredited training program through Divida called Ballroom University with Blackpool World Champion Tommye Giacchino


Alesha Bales

Alesha puts a spin on things with a professional back ground in modern and concert dance starting her career in Madison Wisconsin. Alesha has managed multiple programs in the Chicago Arts and specializes in children and adult ballet programs. Alesha started to explore ballroom in her early 20′s and never looked back. She has a strong passion for helping others embrace dance and movement. Alesha has most recently participated as a featured dancer in a movie scheduled to release in December of 2013. Most recently she performed for our First Lady Michelle O’bama. Alesha also participated in an accredited training program through Divida called Ballroom University with Blackpool World  Champion Tommye Giacchino.

Tommye Giacchino

Tommye is a Master level professional ballroom instructor , trainer, and  coach. She is also a certified to teach students to become professional dance instructors through Divida. Tommye continues to teach beginner level to advanced. As a former professional competitor,  dance school owner and previous owner of the Crystal Ball, Tommye’s expertise are tough to match. She has accomplished so much and loves to pass on the gift through her own experiences. Her are just a few of her accomplishments. United States Rising State Professional Theatrical Champion, United States National Professional  Cabaret Champion, British Open Blackpool Invitational Professional Theatre Arts & Cabaret Champion, Ohio Star Ball Professional Theatre Arts & Cabaret Champion, National and Regional Pro-Am Top Awards, Pro-Am Rising Star Rhythm and Smooth Champion, Pro/Am 9 Dance Champion, Pro/Am Silver Standard Champion