Have you been watching ballroom dancing on TV lately? It’s inspiring to see people ballroom dance and improve so quickly. Let us help you achieve your goals. Taking ballroom dance lessons at Chicago City Ballroom will guide you though the fundamentals and basics of numerous ballroom dance styles setting your foundation for the future. We are located on Chicago’s finest street, 410 S Michigan, on the 2nd floor. Want to see us in action just look up in the window. You can see us ballroom dancing 7 days a week. We love ballroom dancing and can’t wait to share our love for the sport with you. Our South Loop Chicago location, in front of Grant Park will take your breath away as you glide across the dance floor. We have the best view and the best ballroom dance training in chicago.

Ballroom Dance Lessons are a great activity for singles or couples. It teaches patience and discipline. We have several different types of clients taking ballroom dance lessons. Our hobby dancers usually make a date night out of their lesson and work together to speak to each other through dance. You can find some of our very serious students practicing their poise and frame and preparing for competition style dancing and shows. We offer beginner level ballroom dance lessons and advanced level dance lessons or anything in between.

We offer introductory ballroom dance lessons at Chicago City Ballroom and would like to show you the world of ballroom dance.


Here are some frequently asked questions about ballroom dance.
Ballroom dance is a type of dancing with several categories and within each category are numerous dance styles.
Ballroom dance styles inlcude dances like Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Mambo, Bolero, Quick Step, VWaltz
We teach many social dance styles like Salsa. We have an adult group class program and we offer Salsa 2 night a week.
This is all based on your song. The rythm will dictate the dance style we can execute during the music. Schedule a lesson to sit down with your instructor and review the possibilities.


We start our beginner level clients with an introductory private dance lesson. During this lesson it gives us a chance to get to know one another. We believe we should adapt our teaching methods and styles based on our clients. We are not a one size fits all kind of dance school. We want to understand how you process information.

During our first lesson we will introduce a couple of dance styles and show you how we can create magic on the dance floor with just a few simple dance steps. Ballroom dance is a wonderful hobby and sport and there are many benefits our clients expereince after they start dancing.

As we find out more about you, we want to know what brought you into the dance studio. It helps us understand how we can acheive your goals. We will then sit down and put a game plan together.


For those students who are looking to change ballroom dance schools, have ballroom danced in the past, or who have just moved to Chicago, we have a home for you. For our exsisting ballroom dance lovers we offer an evaluation dance lesson so we can get a feel for where you left off. Based on our evaluation this will help determine which program is right for you.

What are we looking for in an evaluation lesson? We want to know what dance styles you have covered and how we can keep you moving forward. How often were you training? Was your experience in a formal setting? Were you taking private ballroom instruction or group dance classes?

As we get to know you we want to know what you liked about your previous experience and what would you change? We want to make sure we give you the best experience possible.

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