I think back to searching for dance classes in Chicago and much has changed in the last 10 years due to technology. Now with our finger tips, we just type the words dance classes, dance lessons, ballroom dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, salsa dancing, or swing dance into our smart phones, PC’s, and laptops and voila there stands a list of ballroom dance studio’s who may or may not offer what you might be looking for at that time.


Are they a real business with a website and technology that fits your needs?

Test Out Customer Service

Have you written an inquiry or called with a question and left your information? If you find yourself sitting in the dark waiting and waiting and no one calls you back. There’s your sign. Response time and customer service should be number one on the list for any service based provider.

Try The Introductory Lesson First

Trying a ballroom dance lesson, salsa dance lesson, or swing dance lessons before a purchase is important for consumers that might be dropping a considerable amount of money on a hobby. Was is the right distance from your house? Do they have the times and days for dance lessons that are right for your schedule? Do you feel like you were treated with warmth and encouragement.?Were you smiling before, during, and after your dance class?

Did You Feel Pressured

This topic makes me feel sick to my stomach. The pressure sale is a tactic to make you think if you don’t purchase today while on the spot then the dance studio can’t honor that same price. Are you kidding me? When I started as a student I felt pressured and guilted into most of my purchases. At the end of the day that catches up with you and the client starts to understand and then they leave the school. Pressure sales make people feel uncomfortable and upset. Some studios will honor discounts for packages purchased in bulk or will have monthly contracts. Just make sure you read all documents that you are signing and know that in the state of Illinois you are required to receive a refund if you request one for any lessons that have not been taken.

Try Chicago City Ballroom

Chicago City Ballroom offers dance classes, dance lessons, ballroom dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, salsa dancing and swing dance. Jessica Mays performing a Jive